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How To Manage Food Crisis

For you to survive, you need to eat and that cannot be possible if you do not have anything to eat. many people are suffering from lack of food countrywide and global wise. It is good for the educated to coke up with possible ways that can be implement to make sure the situation of lack of food does not remain permanent and hence be able to provide food even in the areas that cannot grow food. This article will guide you through the various ways you can put into practice to make sure you curb the lack of food in your locality The first thing you need to do is to improve food aid. Even if there is hunger, you will be shocked to find that there are those people in the society who are still misusing the food they have by pouring the excess and such people have a role to play in the society by contributing the excess food to the vulnerable. You need to encourage people to come together to help one another. There are those people who do not have while others are sleeping with full stomachs and you can talk to such people and see various ways they can be of help to those who do not have. the most amazing thing is that some people may have plenty of food yet they cannot h=find a heart to share with those who do not have and this is a very bad attitude and those with similar thoughts need to change for a better tomorrow since they need to extend a hand of gratitude to those who do not have.

The second thing that you should is to ensure plenty of land produce to deal with any cases of food shortage. Farmers who can produce food should be encouraged to double or thrice the output if it is possible. On the other hand, the seeds should be sold to the farmers at an affordable price or the government can subsidize the cost of seeds such that the farmers will only pay a slight amount whereas the other price is covered by the government. On that note, farmers will have plenty of seeds and in the long run, will have plenty to harvest.

If you come from places where there is a lot of hunger, it is significant for you to have a second thought on the type of crop you plant. You do not have to plant crops that will take centuries for them to grow whereas there are some other crops you can plant and take very short time for them to be ready to be eaten. However, you can practice kitchen gardening where you will plant some foods near your house and you can water them for them to grow.

Trade barrier needs to be removed for distribution of food to an area that does not have to be successful. That cannot be possible if there are trade barriers that have been set by the government and in that case, the only solution you can do is to remove all those trade barriers even if your region has enough for its use since there are other people who need your support and you can only do so through selling to them the excess that you have.

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