Epicor vs SAP: Using ERP Software Comparisons to Uproot the Better System

What ERP system does a well-versed and highly established tech company choose? Out of the handful of reputable ERP systems available in the market, all of them can seem like a perfectly viable option. No two are designed exactly alike, though, and subtle differences can have seismic ramifications for a company in a specific area of business.

Determining the Superior ERP System

The decision is not one that has to be made recklessly or by trial-and-error. There is a software system a company can install that will determine the most suitable system. It looks at various points in an advanced algorithm and uses the data to dissect how each system varies.

The Debate Over Epicor vs SAP

The debate between Epicor and SAP is one that is seemingly tireless, and supports and detractors exist on both sides. But, it will be a great example of how this system works. The algorithm of the ERP comparison system will cover these two systems in detail, and break down its various attributes.

For example, Epicor and SAP have similar inventory management processes. Which solution is the better one? According to the chart data, Epicor may be slightly better. This is due to the superior quantity of modifications provided to users, such as the ability to tailor specific custom elements in the frame and to improve the number of screens. While both have a similar level of functions related to inventory management, Epicor allows for deeper customization within that function framework.

The Algorithm Results

This is only one example. There are other involved variables, such as communications and progress tracking. Interestingly, it is a different story in the sales management aspect. Despite claims of these two systems being some of the best in the market, neither excels in the region of sales. Both lack modifying features and functions, and neither is expected to update to allow for source code modifications.

The above details would unlikely be discovered if a few professionals were digging around the surface levels of the systems. The algorithm is detailed and will typically result in one system surpassing the other in quality based on hard facts and deep data digging.