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Step to Follow to Ensure Justice after a Motorcycle Accident

Most people who fall, a victim of car accidents, are lucky to walk out the scene without any harm which is not the case with the motorcyclist who are not always lucky. Often, rider have less protection and once they are hit by a four-wheeled vehicle they receive the brunt of injuries. This applies even to situations where both the car and motorcycle riders were traveling at low speed.

The result of these injuries can be catastrophic and life changing. If either you or any of your family member is involved in a motorcycle accident, your actions after the accident will help or injure your chances of proper compensation.

Plan before the Accident
Nobody ever wants to think that they will ever get involved in an accident but the bitter truth is that most people will. Therefore, it is wise that one has the contact details of a reputable motorcycle accident attorney in their possession before an accident occurs. By so doing, you can be in a position of contacting your attorney even when you will be in the hospital.

Contact the Police
Contact the cops on 911. It is a rule that all accidents are reported no matter how minor they may be. When you get involved in a motorcycle accident, call the police so that they can identify who was negligent. Make sure that the report is completed and filed by the police on the accident scene.

Get a Medical Check Up
You might think that you are not injured, but it is best that the medical professional be the one to make that decision. Brain injuries, neck injuries, soft tissue injuries, and back injuries may take a few days before they are discovered. When you get a medical examination soon after the accident; you can avoid life-threatening complications. Any delays in getting medical treatment can be fat in the end.

Get Evidence
Whenever possible, you can use your phone to take some pictures. The pictures should be of any damage to your motorcycle, the tyre tracks, the accident scene, any damage to the other vehicle, and any visible injuries on your body. You can get the contact information of witnesses who can support your side of the story. Exchange your insurance details with the other driver.

Do not Repair your Motorcycle
Often, if the other driver was the one at fault, their insurer may be pressuring to get repairs for your bike. Do not agree to this; although you may want your motorcycle repaired quickly so that you can get back on the road, wait until you speak with your lawyer. If your agent is experiencing challenges when creating your case, then the damaged motorbike can be used as evidence. If you have it fixed early you might be destroying this significant evidence.