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Features that Make Yamaha MT-09 Tracer the Best Motorcycle

For bike lovers who are enthralled with speed, ultimately sports touring Yamaha bikes can be a good fit for them. One of such Yamaha bikes which stands out above all others is the MT-09 TRACER 2015 models and onward. The model is fitted with many exceptional features which makes it the leader in its class. Some of these features are discussed below.

Outward Appearance

The bike is fitted with quite attractive looks. MT-09 TRACER has the best looks that can be expected of any touring machine. The bike also has sufficient stability to withstand any terrain which you might choose to explore. There are different models of MT-09 TRACER with various finishes. These models are so fine-tuned they even look more expensive than they actually are. Its handles have been made with style and its color gives it a sense of vitality.


Its power is dependent on its handling. With a weight of only 190KG, MT-09 TRACER can perform more than you would expect. However, while using it ensure that you don’t go beyond the set speed limits as this can cause you some trouble. Also it needs to be said that due to the light weight, you should be careful with it when cycling under strong winds as this may lead to balancing problems experienced by most motorcyclists. In case you fall of this bike, then it might be essential to call a motorcycle injury attorney that will assist you handle the situation.


The cost of acquiring Yamaha MT-09 motorcycle is relatively cheaper when compared to other motorcycles of the exact same category. This version is significantly cheaper than other bikes while keeping a high performance power. It should also be noted it’s also the lightest version accessible.

The Display

The Yamaha MT-09 has a perfect LCD screen in which one can see all the information the rider needs while riding the motorcycle. The information displayed in the screen includes speed and temperature that are extremely significant while riding. However, the screen in the right hand is so small and can be very difficult to read if you are not keen enough.

Engine Type

MT-09’s motor is triple (C3). This is very important for motorcycle lovers as it provides them with a variety to choose from. The standard mode is made for normal riding in clear roads while the B mode is basically made for the bad weather especially the rainy season as well as slippery roads. The A mode is the really thing of the MT-09. It’s for those who wish to have the enjoyment of riding. Together with the A mode you may have the beauty of Yamaha MT-09.