A Workers Compensation Lawyer Helps Clients Resolve Claim Disputes

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that most employers are required by law to provide for their employees who become injured on the job. The benefits pay for medical treatment, lost wages and other expenses related to the injury. If a dispute arises and the insurer refuses to pay a claim, the employee may need to hire a workers compensation lawyer to resolve the situation.

Care for Injured Workers

Essentially, through workers comp, the employer agrees to take care of workers while they recover. That includes paying for factors such as surgery, physical therapy and adaptive equipment such as canes or crutches. If the harm was severe enough to cause permanent disability, the person may never be able to return to full-time work and will be eligible to receive disability benefits.

Qualifying Incidents

Acute injuries that occur because of an accident at work as well as injuries that develop over time are eligible for workers comp benefits. Examples of acute injuries include bone fractures, concussions and hernias. Injuries that develop more slowly commonly are due to repetitive strain, which is a hazard for people in jobs such as dental hygienist, assembly line worker and ultrasound technologist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most frequent problems caused by repetitive motion, and many people also develop chronic neck and back pain.

Certain mental and emotional conditions may qualify for workers comp as well. A worker may be allowed benefits for post-traumatic stress if he or she experienced a psychologically traumatizing incident that would not be considered a normal part of the job. A bank teller being held hostage by a bank robber is an example.

Claim Disputes

Insurers that pay workers comp benefits decide whether to approve claims based on information provided by the employer, the worker and the doctor who examines the worker. They may deny a claim if the information is insufficient or if the employer questions whether the problem actually was caused by a work situation. The insurance company representatives may have their own reasons to feel skeptical about the person’s statements. A lawyer like Mark A. Simon can help clients overcome objections to the claim and begin receiving benefits as deserved.